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01 : Here he comes now-now: the new breed with the (six-oh-) sixth sense, talking at DSL speed through the analogue phone’s seven soundholes . . .

02 : Miguel Depedro, born 1979, a.k.a. kid606. Lived in San Diego ‘til three months ago; now located in south-of-Market San Francisco. Distinguishing characteristics: nine-and-a-half fingers; two wide-ranging electro-prankster gasp-and-twitch albums; one head full of growling pains. Praised to the heavens by the stars (Bjork, Mike Patton, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Foetus, Brad Laner, etc.). Releasing another album this fall on Mille Plateaux, followed in the winter by an EP on Matador. Note: Depedrokid606‘s quickwit conversational stereologue (extracts follow) is like a 128-ping MP3 of Gen-X: compressed, re-calibrated, and riddled with entertaining glitches. It is:

02a: occasionally awed humble mumble — which you’d expect from the guy who‘d dropped the sensitive, fluttery, melancholic The Soccergirl EP this past spring; and

02b: often impetuous and irreverent. Lots of exasperated, dismissive ”whateverrrrr“s. It’s wise-ass beyond his (y)ears. Which you‘d expect from someone who ”covered“ the Misfits and N.W.A on the same 7-inch (taking ”Straight Outta Compton“ straight into freaked weirdness, where its spine-beat was given some near-catastrophic readjustments and the ”Ice Cube is crazy as fuck“ lyric got a whole new re-meaning), and from someone who granted hiss-and-vinegar titles like ”luke vibert can kiss my indie-punk whiteboy ass“ and ”it’ll take millions in plastic surgery to make me black“ to double-spiked tracks on his fantastic new turn-down-that-racket-this-millisecond! Ipecac album. And his phonerap is also

02c: often exploding with pop-positive enthusiasm — which you‘d expect from a self-made underage genrepreneur with his own label (Tigerbeat6) and monthly club (Tiger Bomb, at Bottom of the Hill in S.F.), populated by a gang of co-conspiring neuro-atypical beatfuckist Powerbookers . . .

03 : kid606 statement regarding interaction with the world of 0s and 1s: ”I never grew up on computers, my family was too poor to have one. I went to a really underfunded alternative school where I learned what an Apple is, and that was really important. I would’ve stopped making music if I wasn‘t able to get one and work on it. I just got so bored with other forms of music-making . . . I blew off my finger in this weird freak accident with a dysfunctioning model rocket when I was young and I got a few thousand dollars from the lawsuit. [With that money] I bought an Ensoniq Mirage and other synthesizers before they were worth anything. I was able to make techno early on. And then, as soon as it became worth something, it was like, ’Fuck, now I can buy a computer‘ and I sold all this shit. Got a computer. Then I was able to make music more and more, and talk to people and release records, and make money off music and tour more.“

04 : kid606 statement regarding the Misfits and N.W.A: ”Those were the two things I heard that, being young, I actually wanted to be like. But I would never join a punk band. I would never try to be a hip-hop artist. So I appropriated the music and put my spin on it, using it as a kind of a voice. Saying what they say is my way of sampling the whole period of when I first experienced it, and showing how it affected me.“

05 : kid606 statement regarding how he hooked up with Mike Patton’s Ipecac record label: ”[Patton] said it was the only thing he ever got handed to him that he actually liked. He contacted me and told me he had a dream of getting me to make a record.“

06 : kid606 statement regarding the kid606-organized and headlined Attitude CD (22 minutes, 14 N.W.A interpretations by 14 artists including Electric Company, Cristoph De Babalon, Hrvatski, Matmos and others): ”It‘s short and funny and crazy. This next thing we’re doing is taking hip-hop a cappellas and putting our music behind it — making it like we‘re producing it . . .“

07 : kid606 statement regarding past-present-future whereabouts: ”San Diego is where I grew up — it’s just so awful and conservative — I had to get away from all the stuff. Family problems. I was visiting San Francisco so much to play shows and work on stuff anyway. But you always have to get away from where you grew up, you know.“#

kid606 appears at Green Galactic‘s sixth annual Public Space anniversary party at Veranda on Monday, August 28.

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