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Don’t Dream It’s Over

Los Angeles-area students, immigrants and supporters took to the streets to march and rally for support of the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA, on Tuesday. After hearing arguments from Trump administration officials challenging to lower court rulings that blocked the administration from ending the program, the U.S. Supreme Court is now considering the legality of the program which affects over 700,000 immigrants. Established in 2012 by former President Barack Obama, DACA allowed teens 16 years old to adults under 30 brought to the U.S. as children to work and study without fear of deportation. Below, photos of the march that came through the streets just outside of L.A. Weekly‘s offices in downtown L.A.

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(Photo by Ted Soqui/SIPA USA)

daca 001 953219

(Ted Soqui/SIPA USA)

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(Ted Soqui/SIPA USA)

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(Darrick Rainey)

img 01691 384900

(Darrick Rainey)

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(Darrick Rainey)

Not a Drill

After the senseless school shooting epidemic hit close to home this week — bringing tragedy to Saugus High in nearby Santa Clarita yesterday — politicians offered their usual empty “thoughts and prayers” social media posts, even while others were fighting legislation that might reduce such violence. Once again, the conversation pivots to gun control. Of course, the discussions out there aren’t about politicizing tragedy for no reason, but rather, preventing it from continuing. The connection between gun ownership and gun deaths is proven and obvious, especially in the United States, which has the highest gun rate ownership in the world. Changing the makeup of the government is the first step, of course, so vote! But in the meantime, what can those of us whose children regularly participate in “active shooter drills” do to quash our feelings of helplessness, anger and fear? We don’t have the answers, but we can share small ways to advocate for change. The post below, run after one of the recent — but not the last — school shootings, lists six organizations that fight for stricter gun control. Click post below and get involved.

6 Organizations You Can Support to Promote Gun Control

He’s a Loser, Baby

His boss’s likely impeachment might be the number one topic in political news, but Santa Monica native Stephen Miller was also the subject of outrage after leaked emails released this week showed him to possess white nationalist tendencies, prompting many Democrats to call for his resignation. But anyone who’s been following the Trump camper knows he’s been pushing these types of discriminatory ideas literally since he was a teen. Click below to read about his odd connection to one of L.A.’s best known scenester figures, and how his first foray into politics was met with a stunning defeat. #FlashbackFriday

The Cobrasnake Sets the Record Straight About Stephen Miller and That High School Election

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