Rob Orbison

Greatest Hits (Monument)

Sloppy Jane Finds Digital Noise in Roy Orbison: Sloppy Jane, aka Haley Dahl, told us about her love for a Roy Orbison compilation.

Sloppy Jane: At the end of high school, I had a very sweet boyfriend who liked to dance to Roy Orbison’s Greatest Hits while he cooked us both breakfast. At the end of our relationship, he gave me a burned CD of it that I listened to over and over in my car until it was full of scratches and scuffs that started to heavily affect the music.


At the vocal and instrumental climax of the song, “Only the Lonely,” it would disintegrate into horrifying, digital noise that was startling and heartbreaking. After about five minutes of relentless distortion, the song would resume and finish where it left off.

This particular CD is my favorite record of all time, and really informed the kind of music that I wanted to make — music defined by contrast, where ultimate grandeur and beauty is intertwined with ultimate ugliness and dissonance and heaviness- each making the other more impactful.

Sloppy Jane Finds Digital Noise in Roy Orbison: Sloppy Jane’s Madison album is out now.


Of Sloppy Jane, a press release reads: “Once a bandmate of Phoebe Bridgers she is now signed to Saddest Factory Records and will be releasing a beautiful orchestral chamber-pop album, Madison, on Nov 5.  It is an incredibly unique album in that Dahl has spent the last 3 years exploring caves that could capture her vision – obsessing over the different acoustics of each option –  before landing on Lost World Caverns in West Virginia where she recorded the album in full with 21 bandmates who she brought in from all around the country to work on the project with her. Dahl documented the entire journey – you can watch her album trailer HERE. The result is a beautiful, personal labor of love; a sweeping grand gesture, a powerful statement about obsessive love, and about growing into yourself in the aftermath of a life changing relationship.

Hayley is extremely verbose and articulate on what led her to explore these underground locations and how integral the location, and specific acoustics, were to the music that she made there. It’s also a decidedly different sound to earlier Sloppy Jane releases. Both recent releases “Party Anthem” and “Jesus and Your Living Room Floor” will be featured on the album. Sloppy Jane will celebrate the album release with two headline shows; the first in New York City at Baby’s Alright on November 7th and the second in Los Angeles at Pico Union Project on December 3rd. Dahl will also perform at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris and Pitchfork Music Festival London in November and open for Iceage in February 2022.”

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