We're all tired at work, often taking quick snoozes at our desks when we hope our boss/supervisor/slave is on a cigarette break.

But for those especially opportune times when the suits are sick, in a boring board meeting, or just not paying attention to you there's something new to nap on.

Eliminate those pesky pen marks, desk indents and red patches on your face – common hazards of sleeping on the job – with the Ostrich.

Not only will you likely get the best 15 minutes of rest you've ever had at your office, it's the closest you'll get to being back in the comforts of the womb.

Cuz the Ostrich is like a vagina – it's warm and snuggly, and once you're in you mostly likely will never want to pull out.

Our friends at TheDailyWh.at let us know of this miracle and quite frankly, we want one for our birthday.

LA Weekly