Slash on GTFU

Rock overlord Slash called for listeners of Get The Fuck Up Radio to keep an eye out for his poor lost kittie-cat Habib, who has been missing since April. The curly-haired guitar god, who was born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, guested on last night's GTFU show and said “My wife really loves that cat, and I do too.”

Slash hung out with hosts Aaron Farley, Jeremy Weiss, Annie Hardy from Giant Drag and Little Wolverine Curtis for a couple of hours at the Little Radio studio downtown (GTFU, formerly on Kill Radio, is now a Little Radio show), and I was there too, sucking on some Bud Lites. We talked about all kindsa things. Annie introduced Slash to the real meaning of the term “pink sock“, and told him all about the new IPod vibrators. Aaron engaged Slash in a fascinating back-and-forth about the erstwhile rift between grunge and metal bands, and discussed whether it was real or largely a media contrivance. “We didn't give a shit,” said Slash, recalling the time he and Axl went to see Nirvana, and brushing off the whole Axl-hates-Courtney drama that happened back in the 1990's. “I stayed out of all that,” he said. 

GTFU and Slash. No big deal. 

A few listeners tried to call in but no-one could actually hear what they were saying due to technical difficulties. Slash, clearly intrigued by the unique nature of GTFU's operation, asked “is this an experiment?” He seemed excited when informed that the show was being broadcast on the internet. “The internet is so weird,” he said. 

Me and Slash. Again, no big deal. 

I thanked Slash for coming down and being a good sport, and not being a celebrity douchebag. He explained that most of the time, he doesn't really think much about anything he does, and prefers just to go with the flow. Afterwards I went home and renamed my dog 'Slash'.

Go to to hear the interview, it should be available as a podcast at some point.

Posted by Caroline Ryder

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