Mac Miller

Swimming (REMember Music/Warner Bros)

SkyeChristy Love Swimming: L.A. sibling duo SkyeChristy told us about their love for a Mac Miller gem.

Mac Miller Swimming

(REMember Music/Warner Bros)

SkyeChristy: Growing up as sisters the two of us have always shared a similar taste in music; especially because the younger sister is almost always influenced by the eldest sisters’ taste. We’ve always connected when it comes to music, but no album has connected us more than “Swimming” by Mac Miller. When we were right at the start of the pandemic, we began taking long drives through Laurel Canyon and Mullholland listening to all sorts of music. We’d think about the history of the hills, and how so much beautiful music had been born there.

At the time we hadn’t even started making music. We were just pure unadulterated fans of music, and pff, “Swimming” was the holy grail of everything we considered honest and true. When referring to this album Mac Miller said, “I’m just talking about things that I’m proud of myself for, things I’m afraid of, or things that are just thoughts and emotions.” After listening to the album relentlessly we realized we didn’t just want to listen to him speak his truth, but to also do it for ourselves. Mac also said, “And I’m like, why is this interesting.” I guess that’s what we’ve always thought too. Say, if we did make our own music why would anyone care? At Least for us we listen and care because we crave the sad truth of his words.

Since we began this journey into the industry, we’ve always strived to deliver the truth of how we feel in every song we write and nothing has felt more validating than hearing that people appreciate our music and want more. If we had to recommend a song from the album to a first time listener we’d say “Come Back to Earth.” It’s the first song on the album, and is the song that hooked us. Our EP that’s coming out isn’t gonna sound anything like “Swimming” by Mac Miller, but we’d like to think it’s similar in that they are both emotionally honest. We hope you enjoy! 🙂

SkyeChristy Love Swimming: SkyeChristy’s EP The Summer I Lost My Lover is out July 21.





























































































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