Thanks to a few kids who like to fly down hills on their skateboards, as they've done since the dawn of the sport, the L.A. City Council today voted to ban such “bombing.”

Not only that but, essentially, in the city of L.A., skateboarders will soon have to obey traffic rules just as a driver or bicyclist would.

That's right:

Skaters will have to stop at stop signs, yield to vehicles and pedestrians, and keep speeds at under 25 miles per hour.

There's no word yet on whether skaters will have to install headlights and turn signals on their decks.

Of course, it's a needless law: Any cop can get you for reckless skating and obstructing traffic if they want.

But it makes the author, South Bay city Councilman Joe Buscaino, look like he's doing something in reaction to two recent “bombing” tragedies in San Pedro.

“The fact is kids are dying,'' Buscaino says.

Yeah, Joe, they're dying from Buzzkillington's Disease.

His motion got initial approval from the council, but the City Attorney's office still needs to draft the fine print for later consideration.

So you still have time, kids. Fly like the wind (carefully).

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