Six people injured in a horrific crash of a Greyhound bus that was en route to Sacramento from Los Angeles have filed suit against the transportation company, attorneys for the plaintiffs announced Wednesday.

Although it was alleged that a driver of an SUV that apparently caused the Thursday crash was drunk, the lawsuit contends that the driver of the bus was in the wrong lane when it hit the other vehicle on a highway in Fresno. Six people died in the accident.

“What started as a simple trip from L.A. to my home in Sacramento has turned into a life-altering nightmare,” stated passenger and plaintiff Maurice Campbell. “I now have extreme difficulty walking due to an injury to my Achilles tendon and one of my shoulders is causing me extreme pain. The doctors haven't figured out yet what they will need to do to get me back on track.”

The crash was reported on State Route 99 near McKinley Avenue was reported at 2:15 a.m July 22. The bus apparently careened into the SUV, which was stopped on the highway for some reason.

Authorities said 18-year-old Sylvia Lopez Garay, the driver, had been drinking at a dance party before the accident.

A statement from the plaintiffs' attorneys reads:

According to eye witnesses, visibility was severely impeded by dense fog and the driver of the Greyhound bus was travelling in the inside lane, which is typically reserved for fast-moving traffic. When the driver came upon a stopped SUV that was on its side on the freeway, he lost control of the bus and hit both the SUV and forced another vehicle off the road. The driver and two passengers in the SUV were killed, as were the bus driver and two of the bus passengers. Dozens of other Greyhound passengers suffered injuries, some of them very severe.

“As a common carrier – that is, a private company that transports members of the public for a fee – Greyhound is held to the highest standards of safety,” said Steven J. Brady, Principal Trial Lawyer at the Brady Law Group. “Regardless of what was happening with the other vehicles involved in this accident, the bus driver had a duty to drive with excessive caution.”

The suit was filed in Sacramento Superior Court.

LA Weekly