Banksy might be a world-renowned street artist whose work can fetch six-figure prices.

But don't tell that to CBS Outdoor, the advertising company that ripped the Brit's “Livin' the Dream” piece from a billboard above Sunset and Crescent Heights boulevards Wednesday.

We can understand this much: The work, which shows a Mickey Mouse impersonator copping a feel on a hot woman who was part of the original Vegas-themed ad, is a bit lascivious. But …

Banksy's work just isn't good enough for CBS Outdoor?

A spokeswoman told the Weekly Friday “the visual did not meet our standards.”

Sorry Banksy. You might be up for an Academy Award for Exit Through the Gift Shop, but your skills just don't pay the bills for corporate advertising.

"Livin' the Dream."; Credit: Ted Soqui

“Livin' the Dream.”; Credit: Ted Soqui

As for the fate of the crumpled up leftovers of Banksy's piece, we asked around and now understand that the Vegas advertiser has it.

Are they going to try to save it? Don't know. But that would be a coup.

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