Only the other week British comic star Simon Pegg claimed Los Angeles was a nice place to visit but he wouldn't want to live here. (Cool expat community, great English-style pubs, but . . .) Now, it turns out, Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), became a new dad over the weekend and is thrilled that his daughter was born in L.A.

According to a British press report that preceded the child's birth, given by wife Maureen McCann, “He admitted he was delighted his kid will be born in Los Angeles, as it will entitle the baby to dual citizenship”

Hey, isn't that what every humble immigrant says? Could old Simon be rethinking his residence? Perhaps looking to the future, Pegg was quoted as speculating, “It struck me that, technically . . . she could eventually become President of the United States. The potential is there!”

LA Weekly