Silvia Lasmar: The Master of Meaningful Visual Storytelling

There are thousands of ads that we scroll through online every time we check social media. But only a few of them truly interest us enough to click on them and learn about the products or services. Have you ever thought about how much time one ad or commercial has to make that impact? The answer is only 7 seconds. It is the powerful visual or the brand’s story that develops a connection with the audience within 7 seconds. This is why businesses now consider brand storytelling as the future of digital marketing. Silvia Lasmar is leading this industry in California as a graphic designer and visual artist.

Silvia is the owner and founder of Fichi, a creative studio with a proven track record of personalizing brands’ stories both online and offline. Her studio has recently developed the visual identity for Luminex, helping them to set the brand apart while reflecting the uniqueness that the award-winning outdoor art exhibition represents when it lights up DTLA once a year. Silvia is known for her unique sensibility in visual aesthetics and her keen interest in learning about brands and their stories.

As an artist in this digital age, Silvia knows that her visual creativity or content will add fuel to a brand while sending a powerful message. She puts every effort into building excellent visual concepts that strike the right chord with her intended audience. When she gives 100 percent to each project, Silvia doesn’t only do so creatively. She understands her clients’ businesses and discovers each brand’s value and voice before creating its visual identity. With these business goals in mind, Silvia addresses each concept that needs to be communicated, combining color, shapes, animation, and imagery to portray the overall image that a company wants to convey. She has always succeeded in creating the most compelling visuals, both digitally and in print.

Based in California, Silvia is thriving in the creative industry because of her ability to develop visuals that are not just stunning but meaningful. Needless to say, each of her creative projects has a unique and clear voice that perfectly aligns with the brand’s purpose. Silvia has participated in several digital art exhibitions and was selected for the Hybrid Identities Experimental Films Exhibition in Almería, Spain. She was also picked for the Contemporary Venice Liquid International Art Show in Venice, Italy.

Surviving and thriving in an industry with no shortage of creative talent was challenging in the beginning, but Silvia stood out because of her hard work and developed an impressive portfolio that earned organic recommendations and word-of-mouth promotion. Her expertise lies in creating impactful connections between people and brands. Through her visual concepts, Silvia offers brands recognizable expressions in a sophisticated way.

For brands looking to bring a project to life or launch a new product, Silvia is the graphic artist to connect with. She is an experimental, research-oriented, and performance-driven visual artist and loves new challenges. Silvia is looking forward to expanding her creative studio while working with more innovative and relevant brands. She wants to become the go-to name in the visual art space for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

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