File this under “You know you've made it when.” On Wednesday, May 6, Silversun Pickups were the subject of a Jeopardy! clue referencing the origin of the band's name. Read it below, preferably aloud and with impeccable posture.

Notice the show's writers didn't specify what sort of store the Pickups were referencing. What is… liquor? Yeah. Like Trebek doesn't steal a little nip from his coat pocket from time to time.

Almost as impressive, Silversun single “Panic Switch” has clawed its way up to the #2 spot on Billboard's Hot Modern Rock Tracks, making it that chart's highest ranked song by an independently distributed artist since Everlast's “What It's Like,” which was over ten years ago. Above them: Green Day, whose nom de rock demonstrates no quiz-show farsightedness whatsoever.

And between a hectic touring schedule that includes hitting just about every festival 2009 has to offer, Silversun Pickups visited KCRW this past Thursday. It was smiles all around between Bentley and the band, whose set included the never-before-played-live “Draining.”

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