Silver Lake might have just jumped the shark.

The oldest cliche in the L.A. geographic book has become a headline.

Forbes, that most blue-blood of magazines, has just named Silver Lake “America's Hippest Hipster Neighborhood.”

Did you catch that?

You see, from that title it's clear that Forbes is well aware that the S.L. is a magnet for the young and hip.

What it's saying here is that the Lago Plata (a.k.a. LPC), as the truly dialed-in call it, is the hippest of the heap.

We're talking, according to Forbes, single-origin coffees, organic — organic! — produce, indie bands (that's independent, if you don't know), like, all the time — 24/7 of major-label-free indecency.

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(So fucking cool).


Nestled between Echo Park and Los Feliz, the trendy community boasts some of the nation's most lauded food trucks and farmers markets, a multicultural blend of residents with eclectic professions, and a booming arts scene.

You know this, gangster.

Actually, in order to be a place where your java beans are single origin, your architecture is, in the mag's words, “avant garde,” and your veggies are free of pesticides, well, that costs something.

And when it costs something to live somewhere, hipsters — and by hipsters we mean struggling young artists, musicians and other street-level creatives — move elsewhere.

Even Sunset Junction, the indie street fair of indie street fairs in Silver Lake, is no longer.

Seems to us the real hipsters abandoned Silver Lake for the likes of Echo Park and downtown a long time ago and that the S.L. is now a place with the kind of property values, families and aging professionals that Forbes' readers can truly ID with.

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