Not going to Comic-Con this weekend and looking for some music to satiate your need to run wild through the night? 24 Hour Party is a weekend-long series of all-night shows hosted by the apparent Factory Records fans at Downtown's Silver Factory Studios. Not only does is the three-day bash (which looks to be fodder for a future documentary) labeled like a release from the late Tony Wilson's influential record label (FAC915124), but the bands playing all hail from the school of post-punk, think stark keyboards and spooky guitar riffs.

Past Apostles Live

If you're one of those people who likes to arrive to the party after last call, make sure to check out Past Apostles on Friday night. This LA band works the dark wash of guitars so well that even a listen at home will make you feel like you're in a party filled with dry ice, red lights and clove smoke.

Spider-Man fans may recognize The Tender Box as the providers of the theme song for Spectacular Spider-Man. Local music fans, though, probably know this heavily Britpop influenced act from just about every stage in Los Angeles. Musically, The Tender Box is one of the tightest acts you'll see in a small club. Check them out Saturday night.

The Tender Box Live

Sixteens “Nite Trawlers”

Sunday's tip is Sixteens. Based in San Francisco, this group focuses on the sort of synthpunk you would expect to hear in the latter days of the LA punk scene. It's raw, minimal and guaranteed to leave you feeling anything but apathetic.

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