The Silver Daggers were on the bill to play at the Part Time Punks' Third Anniversary show Sunday night. This is what they did for 20 minutes instead (a few of them–not all members were present):

At least if you're going to do nothing, make it interesting- see: John Cage; Kevin Smith; Andy Kaufman. This was essentially a big “fuck you” to the audience (i.e. me), to which I might say “fuck you” right back, except I'm not really that angry. I'm just kind of irritated that I wasted two passes of deodorant on going out. Those in the 21+ set who pay to see shows on weekday nights generally have stuff to do the next day, like work, and are sacrificing sleep to hear good live music and/or have a good time. This was neither.

I get what they were trying to do, really I do–that's why I think it's lame. Silver Daggers used to be a good band… now they are officially the band that made my non-existent cock go limp for 6 hours.

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