No, the big blue Scientology headquarters on Fountain near Vermont didn't get smaller — its sign just got bigger. So huge, in fact, as to move Curbed L.A.'s Dakota to exclaim, “Holy frickin' thetan. Behold the new LED Scientology sign, now atop the church's building . . .” According to Dakota, each letter is 16 feet tall and San Diego ad designers Signtech Electrical Advertising needed two days to install the sign.

There are some nice/scary photos on Curbed's site, showing the sign casting shadows on the HQ (once Cedars of Lebanon Hospital), along with night shots of the lettering and the organization's giant cross. Dakota reports the signage ballparks for half a million dollars and quotes a Signtech spokeswoman describing the sign as “monstrous.” But, you know, in the good sense of the word.

See the Xenu Directory for a list of other Scientology-related addresses in L.A. and elsewhere, along with a 1977 Hollywood Independent sketch envisioning what Cedars of Lebanon will look like under its new owners.

LA Weekly