Side Eyes are Glued Open: Astrid McDonald, singer with L.A. punks the Side Eyes, told us about her Glue experience.

Astrid McDonald: The best show we ever went to was seeing Glue (a hardcore punk band from Austin, Texas) play at a small Mexican restaurant in Santa Ana in 2017.

It was one of those shows where the address couldn’t officially be posted because it was beyond DIY, so you had to ask around for it. Everyone from our little music community ended up being there, and it was absolute mayhem in the best way — people were jumping off tables and standing on booths in the packed restaurant.

Glue is one of our biggest inspirations as a band – Kevin and I always loved watching their live sets on Youtube, and seeing them in that setting was the coolest ever since they don’t come to California too often.

I would also like to throw in seeing Turnstile at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana in 2016 as an honorary mention. That room has a 300 person capacity and I remember feeling like that would definitely be the last time I’d ever get to see Turnstile at a venue that small before they blew up!

Side Eyes are Glued Open: The Side Eyes‘ new album What’s Your Problem? is out now.
































































































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