Her Facebook and Twitter takeover…. Her words about the SB 1070 at her recent Phoenix gig…. Her just announced VMA nomination domination…. We've all got a lot of reasons to be sick of hearing about Lady Gaga at this point. Hell, we're even sick of hearing from her haters. But no matter what, she'll always have the gays… or will she?

Last night at WeHo venerable club house, The Abbey, a party for Lady G's new The Remix album promised free concert tix and SBE spa certificates for fans who came dressed as the popfart, but for some reason, this was the only guy who did:

Of course, this “little monster” (as Gag calls her worshipers) worked it for us in the Abbey's famous patio (if you watch The Real L Word on Showtime you'll see its gal's gals hanging here a lot) and on stage too, pitted against a pretty lady who looked more like Rihanna than the Poker Face femme.

We actually don't think the poor turnout had anything to do with Gaga's gay following diminishing. More likely, the event just wasn't promoted properly. A Gaga look-a-like contest is a great idea, after all.

SBE (Katsuya, XIV, and more recently Gladstones) took over The Abbey 5 years ago (it's been open for 20) and the company has the connections to pull off something bigger than we saw last night, that's for sure. And while many GLBT locals have claimed it's too straight these days, we saw a nice mix of all preferenced party people at the event. Though it wasn't packed, the crowd was having a ball, and yes, they were there for the most part to “Just Dance. “

Our thoughts on Gaga's The Remix release in next week's Nightranger.


Looks like The Abbey wasn't the only club with the Gagalike idea. Check the flier at right for Kress on Hollywood Blvd's ho-down this Sat.

Will straight weekend warrior chicks pull out more trashy fembot looks than WeHomo's did?

With Foreplay involved, we're guessing yes.

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