After being directed by the Los Angeles City Council to recommend money saving measures in council offices and the mayor's operations, city administrative officer Miguel Santana this week revealed the council's slush fund figures as well as details of the mayor's own office budget.

While council office salaries amount to $21.4 million for the fiscal year that ends in June, “approximately $26.5 million in uncommitted council funds that have not had recent activity,” Santana writes. Yay: Play money. The office of the mayor this year is seeing $25.7 million: $7.9 million goes to office salaries and $17.2 million is earmarked for Gang Reduction and Youth Development.

Santana found another $3.5 million in the General City Purposes budget intended for “for the promotion of the image of the city,” he wrote.

Reducing the mayor's budget by five percent would save the city $1,255,173. Reducing council office salaries by five percent would slash an extra $1,071,145 from the budget. On Wednesday the council debated measures to reduce the city's $218 million deficit. It put off any hard decisions, including whether to reduce members' own funding.

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