Who do I gotta blow to get a drink around here?

It's very annoying that you have to choose between drinks and seeing bands. The “beer garden” is roped off and you can't see a stage anywhere from it. I guess I get it though, because there's also a lot of 14 year olds wandering around, which, if I was 14, this would be a pretty cool place to be.

Shout Out Louds: They're fucking great. Read John Payne's interview with 'em. And they played a good 45 seconds of The Clash's Train in Vain, which is a pretty good way to make friends with a couple thousand dancing fools standing around downtown while the sun goes down.

I was on my way to see Comedians of Comedy when I got sidetracked by Obama's crew, then realized Shout Out Louds were playing and backtracked. Patton Oswalt, I'm sorry.

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