There's been lots of discussion lately about the separation of sex and school (sorta) following some recent buzzworthy news.

Northwestern Prof. John Michael Bailey has since apologized for hosting an optional after-class demonstration featuring a woman, her G-spot and a fucksaw.

High school teacher Tera Myers quit her respected position after a student outed her as a former porn star. Though not fired (she was put on administrative leave) Myers chose to leave out of respect for her family and the school. This is the second time, however, she's done this and now that it's national news, she won't be able to run from the past much longer.

And just today Prof. Sheila M. Addison was fired from her position at John F. Kennedy University when it became known she'd been performing burlesque at a local club known for its socially conscious shows. She's since filed suit against the school for gender discrimination, as a male colleague allegedly performed at the same club and has since remained employed.

Just how important is it for sex to be separate from school time? I'm not talking about providing anal sex techniques and abortion tips to 14-year-olds, but in most school systems (once the requisite period/wet-dream talk is done) talking about birds, bees and everything buzzing in between is sort of an afterthought.

Wouldn't it have been great to have had a little bit of non-clinical knowledge – or at least some info that didn't make us afraid to spread our legs or sit too close to a toilet seat – before we went on our merry way toward figuring sex out?

The human aspect of sex – emotions, fears, embarrassments – already is void from most sex ed programs, which I understand. You don't really learn what all that really means until you're in the driver's seat and figuring out the difference between the break and gas.

But even if we had a close look at the intricacies of the vagina, or how not to poke at a penis, it might have been less awkward playing Seven Minutes in Heaven at Jenny's houseparty the next weekend.

Who knows?

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