Ahh, to be a fly on the wall of the marketing department of KFC.

“What's cool these days, guys? What are the kids into?”

“I've heard bacon is a thing. Some people are even making bacon desserts!”

“Maybe we should try something like that. But somehow using the iconic KFC history as part of the dish.”

“BY JOVES, I'VE GOT IT!! How about we make a cookie with our secret 11 herbs and spices!”

This conversation probably actually happened, because a press release just came to my inbox that starts like this:

“Ever wonder what a cookie combined with 11 Herbs & Spices might taste like? KFC wondered too.”

No, No, KFC, I have not ever wondered that, and you should not have wondered it either.

It seems maybe someone had pause about this idea (or someone else figured they'd not actually do the thing but they'd try to get publicity anyway) because rather than just go ahead and make this, KFC is asking people on their Facebook page if it's a good idea or not. Because that's how all the kids like to make decisions these days, amirite???

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