In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.

  • “Much of the clientele is, as it should be, Japanese kids who barely look up from their manga when their food arrives.” Ask Mr. Gold: Tokyo Lunch Special, Going Old-School at Suehiro.
  • “We did not, as some have suggested, take the meat off the bone and turn the whole thing into a monstrosity of a taco.” Chicken and Waffle Fight: Roscoe's Vs. Pann's.
  • “With the new year approaching, we reflect on all things 2010.” Restaurant Roll Call for 2010.
  • “Several cocktail wieners enrobed in deli meat stand in for Joseph, Mary, Jesus and the three wise men, all of whom can enjoy the comforts of a manger that has walls of breakfast sausage, a bacon roof and a floor covered in sauerkraut.” Meat Nativity Scene: Celebrate Jesus with Sausage.
  • “It's a dream that needs to be realized, ever since our premature closure of Marché. That one hurt. That one hurt a lot.” Gary Menes Departing Palihouse, Sets Sights on New Restaurant.
  • “So maybe start with something that sort of confounds our expectations of what a sparkling wine must look like – and prosecco being one. This new style, this leesy style of prosecco.” Q & A With Lou Amdur: What To Drink On New Year's Eve (Part 1).
  • “If you're the superstitious type, seize the moment.” How to Have a Happy New Year: Top 5 “Good Luck” Foods.
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