In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. Got something better? (Funny, tragic, ridiculous, or an actual Jon Stewart quote.) Comment below.

  • “Basically it's hard to guarantee 100% at any restaurant that no cow has ever breathed on your food.” Pat Saperstein on vegan food in Eating L.A.
  • “The resulting post didn't rise to our standards, and we shouldn't have published it.” Curbed publisher Lockhart Steele commenting on a previous Eater post, in Eater LA.
  • “We didn't always eat as badly as we do now.” David Denby reviewing Food, Inc., in The New Yorker.
  • “Perhaps you will find one of them in prison one day, shaving garlic thinly with a razor blade, waiting for a crooked guard to bring him the snook he intends to barbecue over a fire made from smashed-up oak chairs.” Jonathan Gold on the snook lover, in LAW.
  • “Turnbee was last seen pulling into the McDonald's across the street.” From The Onion.
  • “$8? How do they do it?” S. Irene Virbila reviewing Bottega Louie, in the LAT.
  • “You will now be able to face the caloric reality of your food,” from New CA Law Forces Chain Restaurants to Print Calorie Counts.
  • “$200 and a Cut-in-Line Pass good for 1 month for a dude and 3 friends,” from More Things to Do While Standing in Line at the Kogi Truck.

  • “We are working on a project on how to use the hottest chilli in different applications in defense forces,” R.B. Srivastava, as quoted in India Testing Chile Pepper Hand Grenades.
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