Los Angeles Downtown News reports a Target store may be moving in to the 7+Fig mall, which, despite the pretentious name, has been struggling of late.

Downtown residents, who rejoiced when the area became a bit more livable with the opening of a Ralph's grocery store in 2007, can now look forward to all the pleasures of a weekend trip to Target: Attractive singles strolling the aisles, buying socks, laundry detergent, “Mad Men” DVDs, reasonably priced and stylish flatware, etc. etc., all in the warmth of the knowledge that they're escaping the guilt of shopping at dread Wal-Mart.

Downtown News says Target and the owner of the mall, which is at 7th and Figueroa, aren't talking, but they've rounded up clues that indicate Target is coming. The owners of four businesses have been told they'll have to vacate to make way for a big construction project. A florist said he was told the eviction is to make way for Target. Construction will begin in early 2011.

The mall needs a new anchor tenant, Downtown News reports. Macy's left a 125,000-square-foot-space in early 2009, while an 80,000-square-foot spot once occupied by defunct department store Bullock's is also barren.

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