We've just received the announcement of the imminent release of the latest production by convicted murderer and bad hair junkie (not to mention legendary pop producer) Phil Spector. This will be his first full-length production in 30 years (since the Ramones' End of the Century, to be more specific).

Wait–you're saying–didn't you just say “convicted murderer”? How is he producing a record in jail? And who would work with him these days?

Well, the record in question is the debut album for his fourth wife, 29-year old Rachelle Spector. Called Out of My Chelle (get it?), the success of this album may (or may not) be stunted by gun-happy Spector's not-soon-forgotten shooting of actress Lana Clarkson in 2003 in his Alhambra mansion. After a protracted prosecution (even including a mistrial) last year Spector was finally sentenced to 19 years in prison, which he's currently serving in Corcoran, CA.

Spector, who is a luxuriantly-haired 70, married Rachelle in 2006, and the record took two years to produce as they had to work in between his two trials. “I trusted her with my life and songs and production,'' he said to the press. “She's fantastic on this album.''

The 10 songs of this album are much more upbeat, poppy and mainstream than Spector's previous successes, from the “girl group” sound of hits like “Be My Baby” to his stringy additions to the Beatles' Let It Be. Out with the “Wall of Sound” and in with “Prison Wall of Sound”?

Shockingly, the songs are being sold as somewhat autobiographical. “Like the lyric says,” Rachelle says of first single “Here in My Heart,” “'No matter where you are, you're here in my heart.' Phil is actually far away, but he's still the shining light in my life, and I can always feel him here with me.”

She must enjoy his “presence” a whole lot, as she doesn't seem to mind the 19 year wait for his freedom at the ripe age of 89.

The album will be available for download on June 8th, and in stores on June 20th.

— With reporting from City News Service.

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