A shocking lawsuit alleging that a boy was sexually abused by a teacher was essentially dismissed by the Ontario-Montclair School District as the rantings of an overzealous parent.

Assistant superintendent Cynthia Byrd told the Weekly that the allegations had been investigated not only by her district but by local police and that the teacher was cleared of any wrongdoing. He remains in the classroom:

The civil suit by Maria Naranjo alleges that her son was anally penetrated by an object held by his teacher in the summer of 2011 at Mariposa Elementary School in Ontario, according to Courthouse News Service.

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According to the suit's allegations the teacher pulled the boy out of his classroom, took him to a nearby restroom and then …

… locked the bathroom door behind them and obligated [the student] to enter one of the stalls. [The teacher] then pulled C.A's pants and underwear down. [The teacher] stood behind [the boy] and inserted a long object up his rectum several times.

The claim says the boy went to see a nurse and then told his mom the story after school. The suit alleges that the school's principal “trivialized” the boy's claims.

An outside doctor subsequently discovered “rectal lacerations that pointed towards sexual assault,” the filing says.

The mom wants “punitive damages for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, violation of California's Bane Act, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and medical and legal costs,” according to Courthouse News Service.

While the suit says the teacher was never investigated, superintendent Byrd told us that's not the case. She said this:

This case was completely investigated by the police and found to be unfounded.

She said the district plans to fight the suit.

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