Yes, the shit people say meme is going beyond its expiration date.

But, after viewing one video too many we've come to an understanding about the genre: The performances are often the most polite way ever of both making fun of a-holes (see Shit Westsiders Say) and shooting down stereotypes.

The meme is very millennial — as in the generation:

It's not in-your-face or Occupy-your-stereotypes. It's DIY, subversive, indirect, viral and a little passive-aggressive.

Folks aren't leaving a note on your windshield to tell you you're being insensitive or even racist. They're having a laugh.

In “Shit White Girls Say to Latinas,” actor/director Christina Igaraividez dons a blond wig and goes through a litany of white-girl-isms that seem harmless on the surface but clearly hurt a few feelings.

Hey, chica! Where were you born? Do you go tanning?

After “Shit Girls Say” (featuring Juliette Lewis!?) kicked off the genre last month with a lighthearted take on, well, shit girls say, a door was opened to several African-American responses and reprises.

The videos put stereotypers on notice while also exposing youth culture's mores.

So take “Shit White Girls Say to Latinas” as a checklist of things not to say to Latinas … if you're a white girl.

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