If you're not yet sick of the “shit people say” Facebook memes, then we've got a video for you. Writers Heidi Niedermeyer and Elena Crevello recently put together this video of typical L.A. gueras gabbing about parking, traffic and living on the Eastside. Our only qualms with the piece (after the jump):

The ladies say they never go to the Westside. The real shit people in L.A. say is the opposite — we never go east (or maybe that's just a Westsider talking?) and most definitely never, ever to the Valley.

Other stuff Angelenos say that's not included in the video:

-No me chinges!

-What's up, my (insert ethnic/racial/sexual stereotype here)?

-It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none.

-You surf?

-I'll call you.

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