Grammy week… Fashion week (in NYC)…the writers strike… Britney… There so much to do and watch and bitch, uh write, about…. Our new year's resolution was to blog more and go to the gym more, but February's already half way through and we haven't jumped on the treadmill yet. Sigh…

We may not ever be able to catch up on the cardio, but there's nothing to prevent us from condensing all the blogs we wanted to post, making it a regular feature and pretending that was the plan all along! So here goes: our new monthly survey of the hot and the not, the yum and the dumb, the shit and the pits (and we're not talkin about Brangelina) in the world of style.


-Okay we commend what H&M is trying to do here, but c’mon already. How many more “message” tee projects (not to mention celebs spewing didactic declarations in stark B&W ad campaigns) can the pop culture landscape take? This has soooo been done before, and better (Red).

-Love Diablo Cody’s bite, and admire her own rocker chick style, but the greasy hair, hoodies, headbands, and even hamburger phone (Defamer is obsessed) in her hit flick JUNO? Not cute, even when impish Ellen Page is donning them. This one has become an unwitting trend-setter. Except for the whole giant belly part.

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-The MAC Air. Just got a new MacBook Pro and we're lovin; it. Admittedly, Apple’s new weightless wonder looks cool, but it also seems flimsy and unsubstantial. Girth has its merits sometimes…

THE SHIT Most of the blogs out there make us feel icky and voyeuristic, but that’s not the case with this fun site (created by LA DJ Skeet Skeet). Viral videos, free music mix downloads (other contributors include The LA Riots and Cisco Adler) and a behind the scenes look at the spin-ster lifestyle make Skeet sweet.

☺ Our toddler loves music, so we take her to as many music events as we can. We just went to First Fridays at the Natural History Museum this past Friday, for example and A-Trak rocked it. But even the place’s surrounding rooms were too loud for tiny ears. So what’s a music freak with a lil one to do? Well, we're taking a cue from the Gwens (Stefani and Paltrow) and get these noise reducing headphones. Coachella here we come!

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Nightranger! And by the way, starting this week, we’ll be giving you a weekly Slideshow so you can actually see the entire flurry of fabulousness and filth for yourself every week. Here on the Style Council blog, look for more fashion oriented shots and of course, nots!

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