Shifting perspectives for the better and how, meet ace entrepreneur and podcaster Brandon Lucero

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He has risen as a “New Generation Entrepreneur” with his New Generation Entrepreneur Podcast.

Success stories that are built from the ground up after years of facing hurdles and challenges are the most rewarding and inspiring. We have all seen entrepreneurs achieve overnight successes but we have also seen how a few self-driven and determined individuals and entrepreneurs have given it their all, risked everything, hustled every day and learned-unlearned things in order to see their vision come to life. That is the exact story here. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredible entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, Brandon Lucero, who stunned everyone with the kind of massive momentum he created in the last four years after pivoting his business.

Brandon Lucero has overcome many pivots, failures, and struggles to build a multi-million dollar educational based business and podcast teaching entrepreneurs around the world how to create content and messaging that stands out in an over saturated market. His impactful podcast “New Generation Entrepreneur Podcast,” has been changing lives and helping entrepreneurs grow their business by showing them how to stand out by standing for something.

He started by pursuing digital art at UC Irvine on a track scholarship; however, in a change of events, he developed Lyme disease, which cost him his scholarship, and he had to drop out of college. He joined his father’s company and worked as the VP of production. Although he felt deep down he wanted to start his own company, the comfort of a high salary kept him at the company for 3 years. However, challenges kept coming his way when his father’s company ended up going under, which led Brandon to look out for other ways to keep moving ahead in life.

Brandon Lucero found himself on the other side of life, where he would do jobs like door-to-door sales, video production and marketing and then ultimately, he ventured into the world of business, starting his new venture called “Sold with Video,” which turned out to be a struggle for 2 years. They were selling video production and video marketing to real estate agents but it was an uphill battle because they were too early to the market. Online video and platforms like YouTube were just getting started.

His first pivot took place when he dived deep into the world of video SEO and realized a lot of local businesses were trying to get on the first page of Google. Right around this time, Google acquired YouTube and YouTube videos started appearing on the first page Google. Brandon took advantage of this and scaled his business selling video seo services with a monthly retainer. This success led Brandon to adding in an educational side of his business teaching business owners how to do this themselves.

But as fate would have it, Brandon Lucero wanted to move on from Sold with Video as, because it was very time consuming and left very little time for “family time”. This motivated him to focus mostly on the educational side of the business and into a personal growth brand that launched a program named New Generation Mastery. The focus was to help business owners find their message, communicate better and ultimately use content to scale their business; just like he had done with Sold With Video.

With his podcast, New Generation Entrepreneur, today, he has been helping others achieve their personal and business goals, transforming their messaging and content by shifting perspectives.He is proud of the success he has achieved so far, where they have built two multi-million dollar programs, over two multi-6-figure courses and Sold With Video which was a 600K/year agency. Within nine months of his pivot to New Generation Mastery and The New Generation Entrepreneur podcast, he did over a million dollars in sales while producing millions of views online, doing (2) 7 figure launches and helping clients do the same.

As an entrepreneur, Brandon Lucero speaks about being passionate, powerful and compassionate. He says when you have these three things in place, everything becomes attainable. People need to go out of their comfort zones to conquer things they once thought were impossible to achieve. For that, they first need to believe in their dreams, chase them and walk on unconventional paths to get closer to those goals.

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