That golden-voiced, pudgy Scottish gal (47-year-old Susan Boyle) who sang on Britain's version of American Idol last week made me think of this place: The Sherlock Holmes Museum Shop. Well, in all fairness, it made me think of the photo of this girl below on the website for the shop, which is in London. There's no connection other than a general warm, cheeky cuteness. Despite an obsession with Sherlock Holmes that started when I was in junior high, I have not been to this shop. It is apparently located at Holmes' “residence” at 221B Baker Street. Anyway, this girl is adorable. If the Sherlock Holmes Museum Shop were located in America, the website's creative director would have no doubt picked some skinny model-type girl. Well played, United Kingdom.

If you're willing to pay for international shipping, and are in dire need of a Sherlock Holmes oven mitt, or decanter set, or Calabash pipe, this isn't a bad place to go. By the way, the movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes doesn't come out until December this year. It's just as well. In my fantasies, the part of Sherlock Holmes actually went to Hugh Laurie.

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