The Old West image of the local sheriff as a six-shot cowboy still endures, so you might give Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies a little leeway for any perceived lack of sea legs and water navigation skills. But a sheriff's boat was on dry land Wednesday when it hit an obstacle — a freeway overpass.

The boat was being pulled by a truck when it became lodged underneath a Garden Grove Freeway overpass in the city of Orange about 11:20 a.m., according to City News Service.

CHP and Caltrans crews cordoned off the scene as workers dislodged the boat more than an hour later. No word yet on whether the driver of the truck will be cited.

“The bridge is good, but I don't know about the boat,'' said California Highway Patrol Officer Gabe Montoya. “But the bridge is fine. It's a little tougher than a boat.''

It's not clear what an L.A. county boat was doing on dry land in the O.C. but, despite a land-loving heritage, the sheriff's department has a substation in Marina del Rey with plenty of boats. They just don't know how to drive them on dry land sometimes.

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