This “American Rage” print, based on a photo taken during the L.A. riots of spring 1992, is Fairey’s second collaboration with photographer Ted Soqui. Its entire edition of 550 sold out within minutes of its April 30 morning drop, with proceeds going to Watts Labor Community Action Committee.

Says Soqui of this aspect of his storied career, “Many of the protests and demonstrations I now photograph are related to what was happening back in the early 1990s: police violence against young black men, lack of minority and working class representation in the criminal justice system, poverty and lock of quality education and jobs for the residents of South Central Los Angeles…”

You can read more about the history and symbolism of this powerful image, Soqui and Fairey’s previous collaborations, and the artists’ thoughts on the striking resonance with today’s political climate, at the Obey Giant website.

LA Weekly