In its 2007 SoCal debut, New York-based Shen Wei Dance Arts draped Disney Concert Hall's interior with white fabric, then launched dancers as human paintbrushes, with the movement of the paint-dipped bodies leaving colorful contrails across the fabric. Choreographer Shen Wei went on to pick up a MacArthur Genius grant and drew worldwide attention in 2008, when he was a consulting choreographer on the Beijing Olympics' opening ceremonies. That time in modern Beijing inspired Part III of Re-Triptych, the company's calling card this visit, with trips to Tibet and Cambodia providing the geographic themes for Parts I and II. Curiously, the sections are not performed in chronological sequence, and on this tour the massive Cambodian section is not being performed at smaller venues. Fortunately, everything and everyone fits onto the OCPAC stage. Good news, since at its New York premiere last summer, critics praised the Cambodian section where Wei's dancers gradually assemble and pose like accumulating alabaster statues, the choreographer again employing dancers to reference art. Video clips can be found at the company Web site, shenweidancearts.org.

April 16-17, 7:30 p.m.; April 17-18, 2 p.m., 2010

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