Native Los Angeles satirist Harry Shearer turned 65 last week, giving us an opportunity to appreciate his body of wit that stretches from his days performing with radio's Credibility Gap sketch comedy group to writing for Saturday Night Live, Spy magazine and the Huffington Post. Most of us know him as This Is Spinal Tap's Derek Smalls, and from his many voices on The Simpsons (Mr. Burns, Kent Brockman, et al), and from his Le Show radio program on KCRW — an hour of talk, music, impersonations and acidic observations about America. Le Show itself recently reached a milestone, celebrating 25 years on the air. Click on this link to go to Shearer's homepage archive and have a ball. I'd recommend a segment from December 14's show titled, “What Up Dog,” in which the whitest public-radio show moderator in the country painfully tries to work hip hop lingo into an interview.

Photo: KCRW

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