The water is warm and inviting earlier in the season than usual. And it seems like summer heatwaves began back in May. So we don't blame you for heading west.

That's why this is really bad news for beach lovers: The L.A. County Sheriff's Department says one of its helicopter crews spotted sharks off one of our busiest coastal spots:

Yesterday about 6:25 p.m. a sheriff's helicopter crew on patrol over Manhattan Beach got an eyeful of some of our sharp-toothed friends near surfers in the water.


According to a sheriff's statement released this afternoon:

Air 21 was patrolling in the area of Manhattan Beach when they noticed two large sharks, approximately 6 feet in length, swimming within 15 feet of two surfers.

The air crew notified the surfers via the aircraft's public address (PA) system of the hazard within their immediate vicinity. Both surfers then paddled to shore for safety.


The department notes that shark attacks are quite rare. But it says you can do these things to avoid becoming shark food:

-Don't swim or paddle too far out.

-Stay in a group when you go in the water.

-Don't go in when it's dark.

-Don't wear bright swimwear or bling.

-And, of course, don't go in if you're bleeding, 'cause that's just asking for it.

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