Shark Island Bites Back: Reinvigorated local ‘80s rockers Shark Island celebrate their relatively recent Bloodline album with a show on the Sunset Strip, alongside Prima Donna Rising, Wikkid Starr, AMC, Synth Fantastic, the Rewind, Temple, and Space Electric.

Back in January 2020, we reviewed the recent Bloodline album and said that, ”

Richard Black assembled a new lineup of the band and started gigging. Vitally, those ranks now include former Life Sex & Death/AntiProduct/Little Caesar/etc, etc man Alex Kane, also a current member of Enuff Z’nuff. Kane is a noted songwriter and producer who has worked with all of the surviving Ramones as well as a list of names as long as the average arm — he’s in demand because the man knows his shit. And he plays guitar and works the decks on this all-new Shark Island album, Bloodline.

So it’s no surprise that this album is good. What is perhaps surprising is just how good it is. Because it’s a hard rock beast. “Make a Move” kicks it off — a driving, unrelenting, rumbling monster. “Fire in the House” keeps that momentum rolling forward, and then there’s a surprise cover of Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth” that should be terrible but isn’t at all — the band manages to make the song their own.”

See for yourself at the Whisky, when they’ll likely pull out a career spanning set.

Shark Island Bites Back: The event takes plane at 6 p.m. on Friday, April 22 at the Whisky A Go Go.


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