Shaquille O'Neal's search for late-30s relevancy continues. After unsuccessful attempts to bring the Larry O'Brien Trophy to the championship-starved Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers, the former Lakers MVP is currently a free agent, and does not know where he will playing next season in the NBA. He does, however, know what he's doing for the upcoming second season of his ABC television show Shaq Vs, which premieres August 3rd.

According to The Associated Press, The Big Midlife Crisis will tweak the usual format of the show, in which O'Neal competes against premier athletes from other sports at their own game (an idea he seems to have stolen from former teammate and two-time MVP Steve Nash). This time around, he will compete in a cook-off with Rachael Ray, and a hot-dog-eating contest against reigning champion Joey Chestnut. Shaq will most likely lose both endeavors, but we've got a pretty good idea which one will be a closer fight.

LA Weekly