Rejoice, lovers of the funny: This month the Upright Citizens Brigade celebrates its fifth anniversary at its L.A. location, formerly the Tamarind Theatre. In just five short years, UCB has transformed the tiny space at the foot of the Hollywood Hills into one of the town's fabbest comedy venues, where big names could (and often do) drop in, and the demand for the cheap seats (of which, well, they all are — less than 10 bucks or free most nights) is always high. Celebrate the venue's birthday on Friday with one of its longest-running shows, Not Too Shabby, in which UCB regulars test out their new material with what they describe as “reckless abandon.” This month features Scott Aukerman & Matt Besser, Charlyne Yi, The Birthday Boy and more, hosted by Neil Campbell and Paul Rust.

Fri., July 9, 2010

LA Weekly