With more flying Chinese than an explosion at a Beijing fireworks factory, Shaanxi Song & Dance: The Night of Chang'An has for almost 30 years presented a triptych of the 300-year-strong Tang Dynasty in China. They voyage from China to unveil the graceful White Ramie Ribbon Dance, the alarmingly disarming Lotus-Flower Dance, the scandalous Quarrel Between Ducks, the viciously officious Masked Warriors, and the majestic pomp of the Warriors Triumphal Dance. Shaanxi, a province in central China, not only fuels the troupe's historical revival but also informs the latest movements of Chinese rock. Despite this evolution in styles, The Night of Chang'An — in its U.S. premiere — speaks of universal themes that transcend time: pride, love, envy and war. It's one gong show in which all the entertainment is uniformly excellent — Tien Tien the Dancing Machine notwithstanding.

Sat., Jan. 2, 7:30 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly