SG Lewis’s debut album is exactly what we need right now. If you’re unaware of SG, he has already had an impressive career with critically acclaimed EP’s and songwriting credits, performances at some of the biggest festivals in the world, and even without an album, he logged 151 million plays on Spotify last year alone. 

With that being said, SG Lewis’ debut album, times, has come right on time and hopes to be the warm, hopeful and upbeat soundtrack of the spring. From shiny dance-party songs like the Nile Rodgers-assisted “One More,” to the ethereal love song “Fall”, times is definitely a record to be explored. 

“This is the first full-length album I’ve ever put out and you can’t even understand the amount of people it reaches when you put out a record as opposed to just a single or an EP,” SG said while discussing the release of times with the Rockstar Experience Podcast.

“And I’ve never felt this kind of love before, getting messages from around the world, thousands of them every day. I’ve been floating around on a cloud of positivity all week, it’s been awesome, man.”

SG Lewis may be categorized as an electronic music producer, but his sound is much more complex than simply “electronic music.” He takes influence from many forms of music and is dedicated to studying his craft.

Photo credit: Harvey Pearson

“My sound is a fusion of Electronic, RB and Disco. I think Disco music has had a huge influence on this record,” SG said on his musical “genre.” 

“I’ve always had my foot in electronic music but the more RB tinged side there’s a lot more song structure and melodies and chords. I went on this big study of disco music a couple years back and it’s definitely had a huge impact on my sound. I just like to make music that makes people feel great.”

In addition to cultivating his unique sound on times, SG also had the opportunity to work with some of his musical influences on the project; one of them being music legend Chad Hugo.

“I got asked for my dream list of collaborators, ‘like your stupidest list.’ So I said, ‘Great, OK. The Neptunes, Chad and Pharrell.’” SG said with a smile.

“A week later they’re like, ‘Yo, Chad’s down to work.’ He’s just a different wavelength type genius. He’s hearing things that none of us hear.”

SG Lewis comes across as a very humble artist even though his album has been seen on charts around the world since its release. It’s easy to tell that he is very content with his position in the industry, but he’s still longing for one thing; the return of live performances. 

Photo credit: Harvey Pearson

“You’ve said you used to be shy about performing, but this album is gonna go crazy at your next Coachella performance, which would be your third. Where are you excited to perform this album?” we asked.

“That’s what’s crazy, as a kid the idea of performing made me petrified. But I guess as I grew up, grew in confidence, and spent more time on the stage, it’s something that I love now and I miss it a lot.”

“The last time we did Coachella was one of the best days of my life. The Mojave tent stopped letting people in because it was so full it was amazing. But to be honest, I’m excited to play just anywhere if you gave me two speakers and some decks right now … I don’t know. I’m gonna play absolutely everywhere and anywhere I can when this is over.”

Thankfully he got his wish, as SG Lewis is scheduled for his debut TV performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, March 8th.

Check out SG Lewis, times, on all streaming platforms.

Music connoisseur Ryan Leutz is co-host of The Rockstar Experience Podcast.

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