From the Department of No Frigging Duh know comes this fine scoop from USA Today … today.

Forty-year-old women, it turns out, like to party too. The in-depth story looks mostly at the fine, middle-aged ladies off California.

Now, the underlying assumption here is that these women should otherwise be dead but somehow find the energy to get up off their walkers to shake their groove thangs one last time:

Many of today's Gen X women see the Big 4-0 as the midpoint of their lives, and are embracing it with a new zest. They're celebrating with girlfriend getaways or exotic no-kids vacations with spouses, or making special family memories.

In many cases, it's a party. Whether a lavish spread or a gathering at home, these soirees are almost like a new Sweet 16. But rather than a coming-of-age statement, the 40th party is a way to proclaim they're healthy, they're sexy and they haven't lost their mojo.

Cameron Diaz gets a party pass for one more year.

Cameron Diaz gets a party pass for one more year.

Yes people, the mojo is still there for the likes of Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz (she turns 40 next summer). Must be the Centrum Silver vitamins.

(Apparently USA Today has never been to Avalon Hollywood, which often appears to be populated by many a dance-floor-friendly Chinese American grandmother on Saturday nights. Seriously).

Anyway, turns out these old chicks still have a pulse. And, what with women having jobs and money and all these days, they like to go to Vegas and have a little fun … just like men!


And yes, 40 is the new 30. Age inflation.

Frederick Augustyn Jr. of the Popular Culture Association says the old-folk demographic in America (read boomers) are “stereotypically stuck in viewing itself as forever young.”

And so we all get a few more years of partying (thanks, mom).

But you might want to tell the Most Interesting Man in the World that his expiration date is coming up soon. He seems to be pushing 70. But, of course, you won't read about 70-year-old guys partying in USA Today any time soon. Anyway, drinking and smoking way past your prime for guys is just being “distinguished” and “eccentric.”

Double standard?


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