Power funk/soul outfit The Puscie Jones Revue, fronted by the incomparable Puscie Jones himself, are fast developing a reputation for being a thrilling live band. Wild and exuberant but also super-tight, the influence of funk greats like James Brown and George Clinton can be heard, though with a contemporary edge. They play the Echoplex on Tuesday, Jan. 29, so we chatted with Jones about what we can expect.

L.A. WEEKLY: When did you start writing, playing and performing, and when did you realize it could be more than a hobby?
PUSCIE JONES: I originally started performing as a background singer/hype man for the band NY77 in 2011. I was there more for the visual aspect over any actual vocal capability. But continuing to perform with them, I got an itch to try my hand at writing a song; and I did with “Puscie to the People.” It’s an anthem for anyone that’s into our movement of “pursuing everyone’s unique truths.” From there I created another project with Baby DynOmite and Eve Savage called SavagePuscie, and we performed in 2012 to a packed bar of people that paid money to see us! That’s when the project of Puscie Jones lost its place as a hobby in my life.

What recorded output have you released so far?
Right now we have our debut LP, The Pursuit, which is available on all streaming platforms and available for download. We are also working on new music as we speak (The Pursuit is the first letter in the acronym PUSCIE — The Pursuit of the Uninhibited and Stimulated Core Inside of Everyone).

Describe your own sound/style.
The sound of The Puscie Jones Revue is raw and indulgent as well as sexy and permissive. And that translates into our style of performance. Our music gives our audience the permission for exploration and expression.

What do you think of the current state of the L.A. music scene?
I’m excited about the current state of the L.A. music scene. I know a lot of amazingly talented musicians who are creating interesting music, but it’s still L.A. Everyone comes here so it’s hard to find the really good stuff because there’s a bunch of “flavor-of-the-weeks” saturating the sound, but there is so much good music here if you know where to look.

What can we expect from your Echoplex show?
You can expect a high-energy, sexy, sweaty and funky show in a nonjudgmental environment for you to dance away any stress and dance in any curiosity.

The Puscie Jones Revue play with Wild Child and Batty Jr. at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 29, at the Echoplex.

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