Homeless men are stupid idiots when it comes to using protection during sex. Just like all other men.

So says a recent USC-based study of males on the street, which found that some men went to strange lengths to justify unprotected sex (including — and we didn't make this up — sizing up a woman's earwax buildup).

The research, published recently in the journal AIDS and Behavior, concludes (according to a USC statement) that …

… The men took into account everything from a woman's reputation and the location of the encounter to a woman's flirtiness and her earwax buildup to decide if a condom was worth the trouble, said corresponding author and USC School of Social Work professor Suzanne L. Wenzel.


” … Many (homeless guys) base their actions on visual cues and other erroneous ideas about sexual health,” Wenzel said.

She advocates for more sex ed for the guys on Skid Row.

Yeah, Professor Wenzel, not sure having a roof over one's head would really change that psychosis, though. All guys could use a refresher course.

This much she seems to acknoledge, via USC:

Homeless men are not alone in their lack of judgment or education, as other studies have reported that college students, adolescents and others use intuitive feelings of trust and perceptions of relationship seriousness when judging whether to use a condom …

Use it or lose it, guys.


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