Yes, an anal gel that could prevent HIV is being developed. Yes, it's hard to get HIV if you're a heterosexual who doesn't inject drugs. But that doesn't mean the 1970s are back, people.

A recent survey by the maker of Durex condoms found that “U.S. men and women are practicing the riskiest sexual behavior” in the world.

Well, at least we're good at something:

Six out of 10 respondents in the United States admitted that they didn't use protection when they lost their virginity. Compare that to Mexico (about 5 out of 10).

Actually, that doesn't sound that risky. 'Riskiest sexual behavior' on the planet makes it sound like we all got in a hot tub with Lindsay Lohan.

Durex says 29,003 were surveyed in 35 countries. The result:

One-quarter of U.S. women who went without protection say they regretted it later. (We could have told you that).

American men said they had 20 partners in their lifetimes while women put the number at 10. Canadian men beat us out (27) but we beat Mexico (15). American women were tops in their partner count, however, tied by Britain and France. Yay!

To summarize: The HIV scare is not over! Or is it? Also, buy Durex-brand condoms.

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