It's good to know that, since last year, the nation has evolved in the freaky department.

After Adam & Eve's annual top [straight-couple] sexual positions survey last year found that Americans liked missionary best, we were quite sure Rick Santorum and his spiffy sweater vests were going to take the presidential contest by storm.

Whew. So here's the new big thing, according to the sex-product company that happens to make adult videos right here in L.A:

Women on top.

Yeah. More than one out of three people (36 percent) responding to Adam & Eve's 2012 Great American Sex Survey said it's all about having the ladies in charge.

No word on cowgirl and / or reverse cowgirl variations, but we like where it's going — away from Amish sex.

Your next fave position, America, was … missionary. Ugh. Oh well, we're getting better one experimental move at a time.

The next one was way radical: One in five of you went for doggy-style. Must have been the West Coast people representing.

The company surveyed 1,000 people, so you know this is accurate.

Adam & Eve's resident sex expert, Kat Van Kirk:

I'm pleased to see that so many adults prefer the 'woman on top' position, because it provides increased intimacy while placing the female in control.

Next year, America, we want you to really branch out. Read the Kama Sutra. Check out Adam & Eve's offerings. Watch a video or two. Explore, just like the founders of this great nation.

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