Sexual Confidence: How Penuma is Helping Men Perform

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When people think of issues of body image, they tend to associate them with women. However, men face the same feeling of anxiety, frustration, and depression over their bodies as women.

With issues such as weight, muscularity, hair loss, and penis size all affecting men’s psyches, studies have found nearly 40% of men are affected by some level of body image issues. Thankfully, men have options to help combat some of these more pervasive body image issues.

How self-consciousness over penis size is connected to sexual performance

Dr. James Elist, founder of Penuma, has spent decades helping men overcome their insecurities by providing them with cosmetic penis enhancement procedures. Although these procedures are purely cosmetic — improving the appearance of the penis and its size — in his patients’ experience, this increased size has allowed them to improve their sexual performance and enjoyment. This is thanks to the well-documented connection between a man’s self-confidence and his performance in bed.

According to Dr. Elist, insecurity over penis size is a common issue among men, and might be one of the main factors preventing men from achieving their best possible sexual performance. “In my time as a urologist, I learned that insecurity over penile size is a serious and widespread issue that affects millions,” he said in a recent press release. “Ever since, my goal has been to help men from all walks of life boost their confidence.”

How the Himplant has revolutionized cosmetic male enhancement

Penuma recently introduced its latest penile enhancement implant called the Himplant, which is the newest in the company’s line of devices for male cosmetic enhancement. The goal of the Himplant is to continue the tradition of the Penuma implant — the first FDA-cleared penile implant for male cosmetic enhancement — by helping men boost their confidence (and, subsequently, their sexual performance).

The Himplant stands out from other male enhancement devices thanks to several structural features unique to Penuma’s innovation. For example, surgical sheeting embedded within the implant itself, the procedure can be streamlined and the postoperative recovery process enhanced. Additionally, the implant has a reinforced design that allows for easier suture placement techniques. The result is a more natural fitting and positioning for the implant, creating a better outcome — both aesthetically and functionally.

As with every device developed by Penuma, the Himplant was developed by world-renowned scientists and urologists, in addition to being featured in several major publications and peer-reviewed journals. This compares to many other penile enlargement procedures, which are based on unproven science — if they have any scientific foundation at all.

“Before our breakthroughs, penile enhancement involved treatments such as injecting fillers, cutting ligaments, inserting acid, and even placing fat or cadaver cells into a man’s penis,” says Dr. Elist in a recent interview with Film Daily. “Unfortunately, none of these controversial methods for male enhancement were based on solid research, comprehensive clinical studies, regulatory clearance, or scientific review.”

Furthermore, thanks to the more advanced nature of the Himplant, the recovery time has been significantly reduced. The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, with most patients able to walk and go home on the same day.

In just a few weeks, most patients can be cleared for sexual activity, regular exercise, and all the activities of their regular lives. This stands out as a better, smoother recovery process than was available after penile augmentation procedures in the past.

How the Himplant may indirectly improve sexual performance

Dr. Elist reminds his patient that the Penuma Himplant is not designed as a direct solution for erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions. Still, many patients have reported an improvement in their sexual performance thanks to the improvements in confidence and mental state that the procedure brings about.

“When our patients foster a positive body image, we often see them enjoying other benefits as well,” Dr. Elist told Film Daily. “Rather than focusing on solutions for sexual dysfunction, we primarily focus on self-confidence and physical aesthetics.”

Indeed, there have been numerous published studies that have found a connection between a man’s self-confidence and his sexual performance. A man’s self-consciousness about his penis size can extend into issues surrounding his performance in the bedroom.

In one study, there was a clear correlation between negative body attitudes and body self-consciousness, and sexual dissatisfaction. These negative body attitudes could be from any number of sources — muscularity, body fat, genitals, and more.

Penuma’s Himplant is truly the future of male enhancement procedures that offer cosmetic penis enlargement. Thanks to the advanced technology in the implant, developed by world-renowned doctors and urologists, the procedure is not only safer and has a significantly improved recovery process, but also has substantially better aesthetic results.

As a result, most patients report feeling better about their image and less self-conscious about their penis size after receiving the implant. In many cases, this improved self-confidence also contributes indirectly to enhanced sexual performance.

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