Don't point the finger at Anthony Weiner, people. You do it to. At least some of you do. And you can't all be raging liberals.

A new poll commissioned by the maker of Trojan condoms finds about one in five Americans “have engaged in sexting.”

Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't avoid sending a photo of your boner to women who aren't your wife. Especially if you're a U.S. congressman. But still, a lot of us are guilty here because …

… the survey looked at Americans ages 18 and older. So it's not just the kids who have figured out how to make their mini keyboards sing. (And look people, if you're going to sext, do it properly).

The survey also found that 18 percent of Americans — again, almost one out of five — have had sex with someone they've met online. So that's like, beyond Weiner.

In California, sexting for teens could become a crime. Almost. A bill by Torrance-based state Sen. Ted Lieu would allow schools to expel kids for sexting.

But not if they're U.S. representatives.


LA Weekly