It should be no surprise that the city that's home to the porn industry, Hugh Hefner and Charlie Sheen is also the place where people have the most sex in America.

The latest Trojan “U.S. Sex Census” puts L.A. at the top of the horn-dog heap:

We have it 135 times a year, beating out runner up Houston (125).

According to Trojan …

… Researchers find residents of metropolitan centers like Los Angeles and Houston are having the most sex per year, 135 times and 125 times respectively, while residents of Philadelphia and Dallas have the least, 99 and 104 times each.

Strangely, while we rank high in frequency, we rank low in the number of people who were sexually active in the past year — at the bottom, just above San Francisco and Boston.

Seems to us a few people are having all the fun. Thanks again, Charlie.

Credit: Trojan

Credit: Trojan

And while L.A. is king when it comes to the most sex had in a year, the Northeast (130 times a year) beat out the West (120) in frequency.

In fact 120 was the number of days in a year the average American has sex.

Also from the survey:

Credit: je@n

Credit: je@n

-Married couples (82 percent) were more likely to be sexually satisfied than singles (71 percent).

-Singles reported having more sex (130 times versus 109 for married couples), however.

-Americans said the most exciting place they've had sex is in a car (48 percent) and in someone else's bed (33 percent).

-Americans are boring when it comes to favorite positions. The top fave for men (27 percent) was missionary; doggy followed (24 percent). Forty-five percent of women went for missionary but, in a twist (literally), the runner up at 13 percent was “reverse missionary.”

Michael Reece, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, sums it up:

Americans demonstrate a high comfort level in exploring with and learning from their partners.

And L.A. rules.


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